Beliefs of German weddings

A wedding wearing light great shoes is most likely to come to mind when you think of a German marriage. A German marriage tradition goes beyond just the shoes, though. In Northern and southern Germany, for instance, it is common for guests and the bridal gathering to consume Bridal Soup after the ceremony. It’s a hearty chicken soup dish with raisins, raisins, small meatballs, artichoke heads, noodles, and savoury egg pastry garnish. The goal is for the couple to relish this meal together and get ready for marriage on a complete belly.

Another interesting German bridal custom is that the wedding carries a bouquet of flowers following the festival, just like in many other nations. A group of unmarried women receive the flower over her head, and those who catch it will be the ones who marry next. Myrtle is frequently added to a flower because it is thought to bring good fortune.

Friends and family frequently play a lot of pranks on the couple before the official wedding ( dating a german girl wedding ). This is known as” Polterabend” ( Polter Night ), and it probably dates back to pre-christian times. The bride and groom’s friends violently destroy stoneware and porcelain ( never glass ) during Poloterabend. The betrothed then removes the pieces to symbolize the close of celibacy, and the remains are interred with a bottle of schnaps that will be consumed a year later.

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